Our Responsibility

Embracing the changing needs of modern architecture and interior design our company has made a selective choice of curated collections of only environmental-friendly brands and products. We enthusiastically promote the concept of sustainability across all of our companies, with environmental responsibility being imperative on the agenda. From our imposing Green Procurement Strategy and participation in global initiatives, to bespoke activities tailored to individual companies, IHG is fully supportive of the UAE’s Vision 2021 in achieving sustainable economic development whilst preserving the environment.

Our Initiatives

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Our Wellness Programme

We support and foster health and happiness of our employees. We encourage staff well-being and a healthier lifestyle.

Our community initiatives

We have started “ Donate a bulb “ initiate, where out of proper screening, poor homes, orphanages, schools, old aged homes are being adopted to provide free LED illumination to brighten lives in the underprivileged areas.

Environment & sustainability

By promoting use of eco-friendly lighting, tips to conserve electricity and save energy we encourage all our staff, customers and public at large to adopt environmental preservation practices at office as well as home.

Inspired Foundation: Inspired Foundation is raising an internal fund to donate 100,000 LED bulbs to the needy. Since our bulbs are 100% eco-friendly, we are paying it forward through this initiative which will fuel a sustainable revolution in rural areas, saving significant energy-consumption cost, and maximize earnings that can be invested in beneficial solutions.


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