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When you partner with us, you contribute to long-term solutions that benefit everyone. Inspired Holding Group is constantly striving to expand its operations & reach to all parts of the globe. If you would like to partner with us anywhere in the world kindly contact us.

Partner with us
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Submit your Proposal

Thanks for your interest with Inspired holding group. Feel free to write to us about your business proposal and how we get further associated in the long run.

Submit your Proposal

Procurements division

We house massive stocks of our flagship products. Get in touch with our procurement division to know availability of items and materials. Should you be interested to be our vendor /supplier send in your details and product list and we will revert back to you after checking our requirements.


Inspired Holding Groups Internships programmes require candidates to work in a highly competitive environment, as part of a long-term initiative to attract a high caliber and talented resource pool to UAE. We solicit application from students, fresh pass outs, graduates, post graduates, candidate with technical experience and exposure to send their details to

Upon receipt of your application, our senior executive and decision –makers committee will scrutinize your suitability and inform upon selection. We would hold regular training and mentoring session, with added hand on practical labs to make you acquainted with our brands, industry model and style of functioning so that you will pick up thorough knowledge and experience while working with us for a duration of time. Our IHG learning academy would design courses for candidates interested in various fields such as LED lighting, electrical, home automation, control systems, interior décor , lighting design , home improvement and miscellaneous others, so that you are well-equipped with concepts and terminologies in our field.

Startup Lab

This semester long hands-on program is the culmination of our regional entrepreneurship insights that will give a practical platform to turn any business idea into a sustainable startup.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur with an idea you’d like to make a reality or involved with innovative new projects in an existing business, you can make use of our start-up Lab.

We support you in formulating business models, business plans, forecasting market potential and how to launch a new product /technology.

We can provide you with assistance and expertise on:
  • Legal formalities and set-up
  • Making a business plan
  • Financial planning
  • Funds sourcing
  • Services of specialist professional advisors
  • Building a good support network

Get to know our trending décor products and finest brands, with the latest mega project updates. Stay tuned.